Key Skills Profile

Project Managment

Performance Manamgnent

Event Managment

I am a current qualified Prince 2 project management practitioner. I have planned set up, managed and evaluated numerous projects of various sizes from local ICT projects for organisations to national funding project evaluation.

 Results Orientation

The diverse range of project management I have been involved with include: mid-programme evaluation of a national VCS funding programme. Set up CEED Charity Ltd Small Business Enterprise Agency, multimedia computer centre and courses. Developed SME Safety Health and Environment (SHE) services provision with Filton College (now called SGS College), Set up NVQ Accreditation Centre.

I have planned, set up and delivered a team manager leadership development programme for front line managers to improve their effectiveness through a performance management system.  I have worked with groups and individuals to successfully raise standards of performance and competence for front line managers

 Results Orientation

I have devised and delivered a front line manager development programme for RAC Motoring Services which involved group and individual facilitation/coaching to customer services call centre managers to assist the business to raise the standard of manger effectiveness prior to sale of business.

I have a good depth of experienced in event managment for a range of target groupings including; bsuienss training events, youth conferences, multisports youth competitions and music events.  

Results Orientation

I have provided event management support for MOBO nominated music artist for London and Bristol event venues.  

Since 1995, on an almost annual basis, I have been responsible for planning and event managmeent of successful music concert events in the Bristol area. My role as event manager has included planning and fundraising, putting together event delivery teams, and event evaluations for event sizes of 300 – 1000 people where a number of events have been sold out.

Partnership Development

I have successfully facilitated the development of partnerships at neighbourhood level ,through local authority area level, to South West Regional level.  I have experience of working with and supporting partnerships at various stages of partnership lifecycle.

Results Orientation

I have been responsible for drafting guidance and initiating the development of 12 county or unitary authority level VCS partnership groupings as part of national programme across the South West. I have developed and led multi-agency youth partnership in inner city area of Easton, Bristol. Previously chaired Bristol’s largest Neighbourhood Renewal cross-sector partnership in Easton and Lawrence Hill areas of Bristol.

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